Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Halotherapy -some people already know what it is! YAY!

     Over the years, since 2005 when we built the salt room, I have had to inform people what exactly is halotherapy.  My original business name was Salt Crystal Cottage, that and Halo therapy really required explanation in our little city! Halotherapy is like spending time at the beach with salt in the air - No nothing like the game!  I don't do angel readings...  Salt is made up of little crystals,  Changing names to Saltroom of Spokane made it simpler to only explain Halotherapy.  Being only the 4th saltroom in North America, even our local natural health professionals hadn't heard of dry saline aerosol treatment to improve respiratory health.
      I distinctly remember the young naturopath student who was visiting friends and stopped by my table at a health fair.  She was the first person who knew about Halotherapy, she had researched a bit about it during her previous semester in naturopathic medical school.  I asked for a hug and thanked her for knowing what halotherapy was, she probably thought I was borderline, but I was so thrilled.   A few years later at a corporate health fair I heard the first mention of Halotherapy on TV!
       Now with well over 200 salt rooms, salt chambers, salt caves etc., in North America offering dry saline aerosol treatment / halotherapy, more people have heard of Halotherapy.  The affect of more people getting a relaxing respiratory system cleanse that is generally beneficial.  On one end of the spectrum some people have amazing improvement in their respiratory health, and on the other end some people feel good and get a truly relaxed hour in their day.  Speaking of spectrum . . . maybe another post about my experiences with "on the spectrum".
       So, there is an American based Halotherapy Association now!  I have considered becoming a member to support it, I remember when the fellow behind putting it together was first introduced to Halotherapy.  He saw the opportunity of a good thing and being a marketer began to pull it all together.  In a couple weeks there is a Halotherapy Symposium, maybe next year I will attend the 3rd annual Symposium, when the Saltroom will have celebrated its 15 year anniversary!