Monday, March 25, 2013

Opportunities Happen - Land Ocean Ice caps Steam

It seems to me that some people manage to do so many interesting and varied activities, yet other people only have a few interesting life experiences.  How is that?
What are the variables that are different for you or me to experience certain activities we consider interesting and not humdrum routine?   Does it boil down to the ability to do an interesting activity that triggers me to do it?   I think yes, it is my Ability to do the activity.

What constitutes ability?   Finances !  of course, wait, what about  Physical Body Condition!  my travel agent friend the other day, told me about something I never knew existed gotta add  Knowlege!  some activities require you have 3 other people  Friends (you can make new friends) so Like Minded People!   

I'm sensing a trend here, the more factors I think about - the more complicated this having the "Ability" to do something interesting becomes.  Pretty quick Priorities pop up followed by Questioning the Reasoning behind the priorities and Considerations of RE-arranging priorities then encountering longstanding Habits and the Belief  or Entire Belief Systems underlying that......  Oh my, oh my, there might be Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

This winter, with rather short notice, I decided to say YES and go on a trip to Iceland.  I threw a few of those Ability equations into un-equalibrium, and I Experienced a number of Interesting Activities!   I really enjoyed the days spent in Iceland, and continue to enjoy the Icelandic wool sweater, I purchased there, when temperatures drop here.

High on my list of must go back to Iceland and do again:   Swim in natural hot water pools, Take mud bath treatment in tubs of hot volcanic mud, & Drive the country side.  The visual beauty of perfectly set together elements, that in my previous life experience I had not seen in juxtaposition, was breathtaking and exhilarating!  Another interesting part was that I actually liked the food I ate in Iceland.

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane - in support of healthy activities