Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful in November 2012

Its the end of November and the Thanksgiving holiday is past, but I'd like to chat about some of the things for which I am truly thankful.

Life - and the amazing way situations and things can change to really be something totally different over time.  Time can be a day or 20 years but we didn't think we would ever be in this position that we find ourselves in now.  So that can go in a positive/easy/happy direction or that could go in a negative/difficult/sad direction or just very different and quite neutral from where we started.
During my childhood I was exposed to a couple different cultures and in my thirties finally realized that my thinking patterns reflected those cultures pretty much lock, stock, and barrel.  I decided then to figure out exactly what thinking processes and beliefs I wanted for myself given my family and location I found myself in.  So maybe I thought it wouldn't be easy but I didn't expect it to take me 15 years or more to consciously think and believe in what I chose.  

One belief I now hold - Healthy Living is Important.
For me that includes healthy and ethical choices of Food.   Real old fashioned plants grown in an old fashioned way - no money grubbing gene manipulation and chemical factory fertilizers or pesticides.  Also eating those plants without processing all the live nutrients out - so basically as much raw food as possible.   Variety and Moderation in Healthy Eating.
A lot of what I know about foods I started learning reading my mother's 'healthful living' books and Organic Gardening & Prevention magazines in the late 60's and 70's.   

Another belief I now hold - The Human Body can Heal Itself.
This encompasses all parts of the Human Body, including the not readily visible body fields that regulate much of our visible body organs and processes.  This concept I also read about in my childhood but am researching it in depth again now.  More later... 

So I am thankful that my childhood included health information(some considered outlandish at the time), because in some way that has kept my mind open to research concepts not advertised or touted by the mainstream media. 

I'll sign off for the Saltroom of Spokane - IN SUPPORT OF HEALTHY OPTIONS