Friday, July 1, 2022

Choose Wellness and Leave fear to the fearmongers!

 Well, well, well, truly I hope your health is doing well! 

Regarding the past two years... Did external messages of fear bombard you until you felt you must be afraid?  Did you feel fear?  If so what did you begin to fear?  Did that carry further into who you were to fear?   

Last year many people took actions resulting from fear.  Then adverse situations began to give life to newfound fears.  External messages focused on telling people they needed to fear more to alleviate the adverse situations.  Now the adverse situations are being normalized and everyone is used to living in fear.   Not a nice place to live.

Where has this mass exercise in fear got us?  Leaning much farther into "us and them" thinking, while feeling a bit more alone inside.   

At the Saltroom of Spokane we are about wellness.  Respiratory is a focus, but more importantly getting to the root cause of unwellness.  

Saltroom of Spokane is about non-invasive therapy to improve wellness.  We are jumping a bit ahead into using more frequency therapy.  The salt in our salt room itself balances your being.   Salt being electrically bonded and our bodies also running on electricity.  We have healing frequency music.  We serve alkaline water imprinted with healing frequencies.  We offer pulsed electromagnetic healing frequencies as an add on in the saltroom.  We offer a new generation "ion" footbath using healing frequencies.  We offer energy work to release old limiting/unprocessed frequency signatures in your auric field. 

Yes we encourage you to remove obvious detrimental factors in your personal environment and lifestyle. Non-invasive frequency therapies can begin to assist your being to make needed changes all the while increasing your level of wellness.

Time to focus on wellness and leave the fear to the fearmongers!

Choose your wellness today.  :) 


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

True but Partial

In about 2nd grade I became a voracious reader as I figured out I could be magically transported into the world of the story and learn stuff too.   My mom was always telling me to focus of avoiding "bad" and striving to "good", her philosophy was fueled by her recent 1960 discovery of the impact food could have on health.  A highlight in our home was the monthly arrival of Prevention magazine by mail, from the mid 1960s until I left home in the late 1970s.  The magazine had articles about natural healing, living in harmony with nature, and about healthy food.   I read it cover to cover as did my mother along with the other health books she would order.  Consequently my childhood was full of natural food and avoiding unhealthy living practices.

I thought I knew the recipe for a good life.   My knowledge was True but Partial. 
Didn't know it at 18, but in a couple years I would begin to learn by experience that there were other than physical good food and natural living that were needed to feel I had a good life.

I distinctly remember the first occurrence, I was walking to work from one end of campus to the other in the rain, and didn't know why I had tears flowing down my cheeks.   I felt a sadness, so I racked my memory as to what could have caused me to cry.  As I neared work I decided to stop the tears and put on a pleasant face, so my coworker wouldn't notice I had been crying.  

The last 2 years of university were hard as I had times of sadness that I choked down, put on a smile, kept active and focused on my studies.  The stress of it all resulted in being down a couple dress sizes by graduation.  Mentally I felt I had no friends because I had not been able to share about my recurring sadness. 
Knowing I couldn't go into the workforce as a newly minted college grad and continue in this condition of choked down sadness, I took a year off in a different environment.  It was a good move in that I could physically rest, and did begin to recover from the burnout and constant sadness I had felt in university.

Much later in life I would learn about the concept of emotional health and that it is needed in addition to natural food and healthy living for a good life.  Now with experience and tools, I wish I could have chatted with my 20 year old self .  Had she been given a few tasks and a pile of books to read she would have fast tracked me to a much happier life 30 years sooner........
It can be hard to understand that all the knowledge we have at a given time can be True but still Partial for a successful life.  

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane & the Salt Crystal Cottage, supporting being healthy on all levels. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Halotherapy -some people already know what it is! YAY!

     Over the years, since 2005 when we built the salt room, I have had to inform people what exactly is halotherapy.  My original business name was Salt Crystal Cottage, that and Halo therapy really required explanation in our little city! Halotherapy is like spending time at the beach with salt in the air - No nothing like the game!  I don't do angel readings...  Salt is made up of little crystals,  Changing names to Saltroom of Spokane made it simpler to only explain Halotherapy.  Being only the 4th saltroom in North America, even our local natural health professionals hadn't heard of dry saline aerosol treatment to improve respiratory health.
      I distinctly remember the young naturopath student who was visiting friends and stopped by my table at a health fair.  She was the first person who knew about Halotherapy, she had researched a bit about it during her previous semester in naturopathic medical school.  I asked for a hug and thanked her for knowing what halotherapy was, she probably thought I was borderline, but I was so thrilled.   A few years later at a corporate health fair I heard the first mention of Halotherapy on TV!
       Now with well over 200 salt rooms, salt chambers, salt caves etc., in North America offering dry saline aerosol treatment / halotherapy, more people have heard of Halotherapy.  The affect of more people getting a relaxing respiratory system cleanse that is generally beneficial.  On one end of the spectrum some people have amazing improvement in their respiratory health, and on the other end some people feel good and get a truly relaxed hour in their day.  Speaking of spectrum . . . maybe another post about my experiences with "on the spectrum".
       So, there is an American based Halotherapy Association now!  I have considered becoming a member to support it, I remember when the fellow behind putting it together was first introduced to Halotherapy.  He saw the opportunity of a good thing and being a marketer began to pull it all together.  In a couple weeks there is a Halotherapy Symposium, maybe next year I will attend the 3rd annual Symposium, when the Saltroom will have celebrated its 15 year anniversary! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Returning from my Personalized Maui Retreat

How the time continuum does affect my life!  Life seems to complicate itself and time just goes on.  I have entered into a new phase of life, my children are adults, young still, but nonetheless adults.  This change of responsibilities and daily schedules has opened for me the time to look more closely at my life patterns and style.

A few years ago I followed a whim and became an ordained minister.  It was a whim, but as I have considered that choice, I think it was a nudge from my inner self that I actually followed through on.   Nudges come and then reasoning and perceived constraints usually kick in so that many nudges fail to be acted upon.  Of course its not only inner nudges, sometimes its visible choices that are made or invitations not accepted.  In 7th grade I remember reading the poem Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood... it spoke to me then and has come back to my thoughts countless times.

A few years ago I decided that I would look into anything that intrigued me.  That's all, just learn about it and go on with my regular daily life.  After a while a noticed that certain concepts or things would come back around to entice me into a second round of study.  In the last five years there have been a few concepts that have come back a third or fourth time begging or almost insisting I research them.  So with a couple concepts I did and realized that in learning more, they enlightened my living.  Parts of my experience in life began to show me new meanings and pieces began to fit together, providing greater peace.

Having spent time again on a tropical island, I combined my long lost feelings of island living with the ability to be mobile and explore Maui.  I was able to sit or swing on the lovely lanai and absorb the serenity of busy jungle life on my own schedule.  The mountain top excursions, the cultural music, the waves, and coast views, will always be mine.  I reflected on how there is such a different feeling that can be had in a similar location.  Originally I was young and excited for adventure yet had a role to play and the heavy daily responsibility of a school teacher.  Now I was at a retreat of my own, not so young and glad to enjoying slow leisure with no role to play and minimal responsibility.  The island was similar, the ocean the same, culture and living styles had changed over 30 years, but I was still the same, in some ways.   In some ways I was bigger - all the knowledge I have accumulated and life experiences of the intervening 30 years gave me a somewhat expanded feeling that came with being back on a tropical island.

I don't know if Maui inspired my choice or the contemplation I practiced on the lanai every day, but I chose to embrace one of those concepts that has been coming back around and getting my attention to study it more in depth.  I am incorporating the concept of Human Design into my lifestyle and business.  I've included Human Design into my services offered at the Salt Crystal Cottage now.

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane & the Salt Crystal Cottage, supporting health and life.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Faith a few Experiences later...

I have long been fascinated by symbols, one of my first young adult purchases was a book called "Dictionary of Symbols".  Somehow I only have met a very few people in my life who are interested in things that really fascinate me.  Why?  Is it something in how I am seen that belies my inclinations, and people with common interests just do not make contact?  Do I not express out loud my interests to enough people so that some one person who shares my interests learns of our common interest?  

This seems to be a pattern in my life, not having friends who share my interests.  For so many years I have adapted to the interests of others, which can be mildly fun and expand my knowledge base, but consequently I feel a tad superficial in the back of my mind.  So I often wonder what it would be like to have friends, friends who really know and share my interests on their own accord.  An autodidact on a number of subjects and especially since completing an MBA course in 1990, I would love to discuss topics I have knowledge in with a person similarly interested in the topics.   Instead I find myself with immediate family who tolerate tiny bits of my discussions, and really few friends to talk to.  A few years back I decided to curtail a good number of my personal courses of study and focus instead on what my immediate family needed from me.  I have a few dear friends that I keep due to longevity and kindness and their tolerance.  I chose to no longer seek friends that make me feel I will have to "walk on eggshells" about any conversations because they might be uncomfortable.

Recently I attended an event, being there provided me a few ideas as to how I can come out of my imposed hermit lifestyle.  None of my friends think that I live like a hermit, only recently has my SO even caught a glimpse of how truly isolated I have become. Anyway one of the ideas that came to me at the event, is that I must continue with my own fascinations and renew my studies deeply into my own interests.  Basically be true to myself and authentic with my inner knowing.  Another idea I will put into action is to open up appointment times in my business for people to chat with me.  That will become my business model going forward.  During the remainder of this year my rates will be low, less than $100 per hour, because I will be on a learning curve to be efficient with my time.

I know I do provide kind support to persons who chat with me about topics I have experience in and knowledge of.  Over the years I have had many off hand remarks about how my "pep talks", "new options" or "amazing ideas" have helped people.  I didn't know how to process those comments or even testimonials that have come into my business that I have been hesitant to post because they talked about me not the saltroom therapy.   Recently I had a referral partner mention that she tells everyone to make sure I am the person running the saltroom when they make their appointments, now that really shocked me.   This week a professional I do business with a couple times a year, told me how they regularly go to my page to read my musings and comments because they gain inspiration from so many of them,  WHAT?    Wow its kind of humbling but also kinda a kick in the pants to get busy to turn my conversations into my career to improve the state of humanity one person at a time. AND I can continue my autodidacticism as part of my career!

Since I haven't written on this blog for a number of years, I doubt anyone is following, so this post will serve myself first to clarify my thoughts.

Signing off, to our improved health!


I will be using my middle name in my new career.  :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peterburg - Lenningrad - Saint Petersburg Or Speliotherapy - Halotherapy - Dry Saline Aerosol

My Grandma talked to me of Peterburg a great city that she had only seen pictures of, but some of her friends had visited.  When I searched the map I couldn't find it.  A few years later someone sensed my confusion and showed it to me on the map and explained that its name was Leningrad.  This spring finally I visited the city my Grandma told me about, however its residents called it by yet a new name Saint Petersburg.

Going back a few steps... as a young child I listened to my Grandma tell me about life when she was a little girl.  This topic fascinated me because I so loved my babushka and I couldn't fathom her being a little girl so I placed her stories into the beautiful settings of my beloved folktale/fairytale books.  I loved her stories in my mental theater of wonderful "Long, long ago in a faraway land ..." 3D fairy tales, and begged her incessantly for more details and stories.  My grandma understood me, yet she didn't like to go to the past, and always tried to distract me to the present and some little interesting thing we could do right then.  Only when I became an adult did I begin to realize that it was painful for her to recite her childhood stories, as they were about her family she dearly loved and that had been snatched away from her almost as soon as she became an adult.

Of course in Saint Petersburg I visited the Hermitage Museum.  My favorite part was the palace rooms and their decor'.  To my great surprise I found my living room color scheme the same as one of the palace living rooms and my personal bedding color scheme almost identical to the queen's bedroom color scheme.   My daughter was quite surprised and delighted, whereas my husband just nodded (probably rolled his eyes when I wasn't looking).  Maybe I did inherit the love for Imperial Russian interior decor of my great grandmothers' time period...    

My time was short and the list of amazing touristy things to do in Saint Petersburg was long.  I decided to postpone a visit to the institutions that were the birthplace of “Halotherapy” and the current center of research on Dry Saline Aerosol/Dry Sodium Chloride Aerosol therapies.
Here is a list of the places I would like to visit on a subsequent trip to Saint Petersburg:
  • Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology,
  • I. Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical University,
  • Institute of Childhood Infections FMBA of Russia,
  • L. Sokolov FMBA Russian Clinical Hospital №122,
  • S. Kirov Military Medical Academy,
  • St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

Another place I want to visit is the Wieliczka salt mine not far from Krakow, Poland the birthplace of Speleotherapy and the predecessor to Halotherapy and DSA/DSCA.   Wellness is of utmost importance, and it is in itself fascinating to experience a simple natural remedy that has potential to help so many people.

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane - in Support of Healthy therapies even if their names change
-Laura :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Opportunities Happen - Land Ocean Ice caps Steam

It seems to me that some people manage to do so many interesting and varied activities, yet other people only have a few interesting life experiences.  How is that?
What are the variables that are different for you or me to experience certain activities we consider interesting and not humdrum routine?   Does it boil down to the ability to do an interesting activity that triggers me to do it?   I think yes, it is my Ability to do the activity.

What constitutes ability?   Finances !  of course, wait, what about  Physical Body Condition!  my travel agent friend the other day, told me about something I never knew existed gotta add  Knowlege!  some activities require you have 3 other people  Friends (you can make new friends) so Like Minded People!   

I'm sensing a trend here, the more factors I think about - the more complicated this having the "Ability" to do something interesting becomes.  Pretty quick Priorities pop up followed by Questioning the Reasoning behind the priorities and Considerations of RE-arranging priorities then encountering longstanding Habits and the Belief  or Entire Belief Systems underlying that......  Oh my, oh my, there might be Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

This winter, with rather short notice, I decided to say YES and go on a trip to Iceland.  I threw a few of those Ability equations into un-equalibrium, and I Experienced a number of Interesting Activities!   I really enjoyed the days spent in Iceland, and continue to enjoy the Icelandic wool sweater, I purchased there, when temperatures drop here.

High on my list of must go back to Iceland and do again:   Swim in natural hot water pools, Take mud bath treatment in tubs of hot volcanic mud, & Drive the country side.  The visual beauty of perfectly set together elements, that in my previous life experience I had not seen in juxtaposition, was breathtaking and exhilarating!  Another interesting part was that I actually liked the food I ate in Iceland.

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane - in support of healthy activities