Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lecturing versus Experiencing Halotherapy

In the past week I presented a workshop on Halotherapy to a natural health discussion group in Oregon. Every month they bring in a speaker to teach them more about a therapy or method that they might be interested in incorporating into their lifestyles.

It was great to be able to present a (new to most) respiratory wellness alternative and answer questions.  My power point presentation was good, but from the questions attendees asked, I realized it needs to be expanded a bit.   I'd brought along our Polar Health personal salt breathing devices so attendees could also experience a halotherapy session.   Several of the people attending the workshop tried a short session(20 min) and found it quite pleasant.

Two days later the workshop organizer contacted me to report that a couple people who taken a short halotherapy session had called her and explained how they still were feeling significantly better the day following the halotherapy workshop.  One gentleman even contacted the Saltroom of Spokane asking where he could find a place in Oregon to regularly take halotherapy sessions, as the short halotherapy session at the workshop had made a huge positive difference to his night time regime.  Unfortunately I had no good news for him because the salt room in Portland had just gone out of business.  I know of a private salt room in the Portland area but I could only refer him to our Saltroom or one in Bellevue WA, (5 hours drive for him).

Well and good that I can tell you about the benefits of Halotherapy, but do you have the chance to experience it for yourself and make your own observations?  Basically if you live in Montana(wishful thinking someone in Montana is reading this blog post) and you want to take a couple Halotherapy sessions, where will you go to find a salt room with a halogenerator?
I am thinking of creating a salt room referral if you know of a salt room of any type in your immediate area please send me their information.  I will work on this project this year.  "This year!" you say, well... lets put that into perspective... I've had a Saltroom for 7 years and this year finally we have full time scheduling available.  So when I say this is a project I will do this year, that is better already  ;)

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane - in Support of healthy options available for everyone