Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Returning from my Personalized Maui Retreat

How the time continuum does affect my life!  Life seems to complicate itself and time just goes on.  I have entered into a new phase of life, my children are adults, young still, but nonetheless adults.  This change of responsibilities and daily schedules has opened for me the time to look more closely at my life patterns and style.

A few years ago I followed a whim and became an ordained minister.  It was a whim, but as I have considered that choice, I think it was a nudge from my inner self that I actually followed through on.   Nudges come and then reasoning and perceived constraints usually kick in so that many nudges fail to be acted upon.  Of course its not only inner nudges, sometimes its visible choices that are made or invitations not accepted.  In 7th grade I remember reading the poem Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood... it spoke to me then and has come back to my thoughts countless times.

A few years ago I decided that I would look into anything that intrigued me.  That's all, just learn about it and go on with my regular daily life.  After a while a noticed that certain concepts or things would come back around to entice me into a second round of study.  In the last five years there have been a few concepts that have come back a third or fourth time begging or almost insisting I research them.  So with a couple concepts I did and realized that in learning more, they enlightened my living.  Parts of my experience in life began to show me new meanings and pieces began to fit together, providing greater peace.

Having spent time again on a tropical island, I combined my long lost feelings of island living with the ability to be mobile and explore Maui.  I was able to sit or swing on the lovely lanai and absorb the serenity of busy jungle life on my own schedule.  The mountain top excursions, the cultural music, the waves, and coast views, will always be mine.  I reflected on how there is such a different feeling that can be had in a similar location.  Originally I was young and excited for adventure yet had a role to play and the heavy daily responsibility of a school teacher.  Now I was at a retreat of my own, not so young and glad to enjoying slow leisure with no role to play and minimal responsibility.  The island was similar, the ocean the same, culture and living styles had changed over 30 years, but I was still the same, in some ways.   In some ways I was bigger - all the knowledge I have accumulated and life experiences of the intervening 30 years gave me a somewhat expanded feeling that came with being back on a tropical island.

I don't know if Maui inspired my choice or the contemplation I practiced on the lanai every day, but I chose to embrace one of those concepts that has been coming back around and getting my attention to study it more in depth.  I am incorporating the concept of Human Design into my lifestyle and business.  I've included Human Design into my services offered at the Salt Crystal Cottage now.

Signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane & the Salt Crystal Cottage, supporting health and life.