Wednesday, December 12, 2012

at 12 12 '12 12:12 I was talking with several children

So, Is today's date auspicious?   I'm not sure it is, but if you have assigned a lot of importance and energy towards the date's repeating numbers, then probably yes it may be for you.

My neighbors are getting married, so why not on 12 12 12!   The original date was 12 16 12, but since they're having a small family wedding, and most of the family is in town, why not.  A friend of mine was thinking to become an ordained minister today, I will check with her and see if she did.  Today I was teaching coat of arms blazons at the 4-H co-op and didn't even notice the time until 12:30.  We were looking at a couple coat of arms that were created in the 1500's and discussing various regional(country) styles.  Did any of the heralds choose to register new coats of arms on 12 12 1212 or 1 5 1515 for sake of the date?   

What is something that will make today memorable in our lives?  For that matter what makes for a memorable day in life's grand scheme of connected actions and events?   Being very happy and making an especially positive connection with another person or animal I think is one way.
The day I went to Anneli's farm house way out in the central Finnish countryside and first met the Leonberger family of dogs.  I can see it like it was yesterday, and the one little girl puppy came over a few times and decided to hang and play with me.  Very memorable and consequently, I remember so many details of that day.  I was Elli's person as it turned out, even though technically she was my young daughter's dog.    My initial connection with Elli and my emotions made 4 25 02  a very auspicious day in my life.
Emotions create our reality along with our beliefs and experiences.  So what happens when a memorable day is due to a very negative connection or event and elicits strong emotions?  Sometimes we cannot process all of the emotion due to various possible reasons(socially unacceptable, physically unable, not knowing how...).  What happens to that overload of emotion?   For survival and daily functioning we tuck what we can't immediately handle away into the subconscious somewhere and manage to "get on with our lives".     Problem solved, not exactly.  

A number of years ago a former classmate of mine suggested I attend a seminar - he told me it was a parenting seminar.  I did and there I first heard of repressed emotions and emotional "baggage" that affect current daily life in very tangible ways.    So last year when I learned of  The  Emotion Code  method of releasing trapped emotions it intrigued me.   I am now studying to become a certified practitioner of the Emotion Code method, as I find this method is a relatively easy way to make current life more meaningful and less reactive(and less confusing in a -why did I do that, I didn't want to -way).   So watch for me to have the certification this next spring and meanwhile find out a bit more about The Emotion Code by reading the book by author Bradley Nelson ND.

signing off for the Saltroom of Spokane - here's to emotional health and auspicious days
-Laura  :)     

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